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Common faults and solutions of mud pump

Common faults and solutions of mud pump

Fault 1: Mud pump Vibration

Cause: Pump shaft and motor different heart, impeller imbalance, bearing damage.

Solution: Adjust the concentric degree, leaf rotation balance test, replace the bearing.

Fault 2: Pump water Slow

Cause: The front lining plate and impeller gap is large, the outlet pipe can not seal the air, emptying slowly.

Solution: Adjust the gap, adjust the outlet pipe, install the vacuum device.

Fault 3: Pump does not suck water

Cause: Insufficient perfusion water diversion, air in the pump can not be discharged, suction pipe leakage, front liner and impeller gap is large.

Solution: Continue to pour water diversion, check whether the pipeline leaks, adjust the gap between the impeller and the front lining plate.

Fault 4: Small effluent pressure, small flow

Cause: There is air in the pump, large clearance between the impeller and the front lining plate, the closure of the clutch is not tight, the impeller or lining plate wear.

Solution: Empty the gas in the pump, adjust the gap between the clutch friction sheet, replace the impeller or liner.

Fault 5: Pump wear fast

Cause: Poor construction environment (large particles), long conveying distance, length of inlet pipe.

Workaround: Replace the site, add the unit, shorten the length of the inlet pipe to reduce cavitation.

Fault 6: Fast wear of impeller shaft neck

Cause: High pressure pump head low, root dislocation, pump shaft and rear cover different heart.

Solution: Replace the high pressure pump higher than the pump head, replace the root, adjust the concentric degree.

Fault 7: The exhaust air pack of the mud pump is inflated and soon leaked.

Cause: Air bag capsule has been bad or needle type valve seal is not strict caused.

Solution: Replace the air bag capsule or needle type valve seal.

Fault 8: The bearing temperature of the mud pump is too high

Cause: Blockage of tubing or oil holes; too dirty or spoiled lubricants; wear or damage to rolling bearings; too much or too little lubricating oil.

Solution: Dredge the tubing, adjust the lubricant level or replace, replace the bearing.

Fault 9: There is a knock on the power end of the mud pump

Cause: The Cross Head guide plate has been seriously worn; bearing wear; the guide plate is loose; the hydraulic end has the phenomenon of water hammer.

Solution: Replace the cross head guide plate, bearing, fastening guide plate, check the hydraulic end.

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